What is Digital Marketing?

Some common digital channels might include your website, search engines, social media, online video and even paid ads.

Using a Digital Marketing agency Newcastle can help you to help you promote your business online using a multitude of channels, and these channels are how you make your buyer aware of what you’re selling.

Just about every action you take on the web is tracked, collect enough data points and you can build really powerful predictions about people’s behaviour. 

Because marketing is the act of persuading someone to take action, well then the more data we have the more successful we’ll be at that persuasion.

Digital Marketing agency Newcastle, Sunderland and Durham

Using your website for Digital Marketing

In Digital Marketing there is a lot of cross-over of these channels you interact with and experience online.

Your website plays a crucial role in effectively stitching these pieces together and a Digital Marketing agency Newcastle can help you achieve these.

Depending on which strategy you apply, your website will play a key part. Let’s look at some examples;

Digital Marketing agency Newcastle; Email marketing

Email marketing

Dynamic forms can be embedded on web pages to collect data for newsletters, product sales, events and more. In turn, emails can direct your readers to curated content on your website.

Digital Marketing agency Newcastle; Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Organic search can enable your customers to find your business online, using Local SEO they can find you in their area. Optimised effectively you can appear for Shopping products, Book reviews and Recipes.

Digital Marketing agency Newcastle; Google Analytics reporting

Google Analytics and Search Console

A digital marketing agency Newcastle can help you extract the right data and reporting required to help direct your marketing efforts.

Digital Marketing agency Newcastle; PPC and Paid ads

PPC and Paid Ads

Use your website to create targeted landing pages with clear call to actions, or a specific product you want to increase sales.

Digital Marketing agency Newcastle; Social Media marketing

Social Media marketing

Send visitors from your social media accounts to your website, to enable them to consume content, build trust and find out more about your business – your website is evergreen!

Digital Marketing agency Newcastle; Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing

Websites can tap into App functionality, enabling you to send push notifications to visitors, or encourage them to download an app, listen to a podcast and more. An agency specialising in web development can guide you on the best technologies for your audience.

Digital Marketing agency Newcastle; Video marketing

Video marketing

Host videos on your website, showcase your YouTube channel content, or create exclusive, premium access to content behind a paywall.

Digital Marketing agency Newcastle; Content marketing

Content marketing

Using your website for content marketing can enable you and your business to showcase your expertise; case studies and testimonials, white papers, infographics, industry news and your CSR.

Digital Marketing agency Newcastle; Influencer or Affiliate marketing

Influencer marketing

Enlisting a well-known influencer or expert in your industry to create guest blog posts, link to specific products on your eCommerce store, is another way to utilise your website for Digital Marketing.

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Why your website is important for your Digital Marketing

Your website is an important piece of your digital marketing strategy and one of the most valuable assets of digital real estate that you own.

Consumers used to things just working and they expect that the information they want will be available and accurate.

When it’s not, they’re disappointed and credibility is lost for whatever brand they’re interacting with.

And the truth is if your website isn’t good at delivering what your visitors are expecting to find, you’re going to fall further and further behind – and if your website doesn’t work on mobile, well, you’re already way behind.

An effective website is going to be simple, well thought out and highly functional. It should be intuitive and eliminate any and all barriers so your visitors can accomplish their goals effortlessly.

  • Is your site mobile-friendly?
  • How is the experience from clicking on a link from an email campaign through your website?
  • Does it answer all of the questions visitors have?
  • Is your website reflective of your brand?

Within the first couple of seconds, a user is going to decide how the site feels to them, so you need to make sure that your brand is carried through.

Digital Marketing agency Newcastle, Sunderland and Durham
Digital Marketing agency Newcastle, Sunderland and Durham

Reasons to use a Digital Marketing agency Newcastle

  • Do you or your team constantly say I’m too busy to get all this work done? 
  • Do you lack the resources or capacity to get the job done? 
  • Does your internal team lack the necessary capabilities and experience? 
  • Do you lack new, innovative ideas and a fresh external perspective? 
  • Do you need better or more frequent content?
  • Do you struggle to find content and resources to interact with and engage your followers in real time?

Perhaps you don’t need or have the budget or desire to hire full-time staff internally to address capability gaps. 

Maybe you need education about technology in web design or social media or maybe your creative is uninspiring, expected and doesn’t engage your target audience. 

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you’ve identified at least one business reason to work with a Digital Marketing agency.

Whilst no one agency can do every area of Digital Marketing, knowing what your needs are and the area of specialism you require will greatly narrow your search.

How can I help?

We have in-depth knowledge of the popular platforms WordPress and Shopify. Niching in these areas we can share our expertise and best approaches to your unique challenges.

Our key areas of focus are;

Technical SEO and Google Core Web Vitals

eCommerce – Shopify and WooCommerce and bespoke Web Development

Web Accessibility – serving those with disabilities online, ideal for Public sector and eCommerce stores catering to global markets

Website migrations – from Magento, Wix, Umbraco and proprietary systems.

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