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How to change a Facebook Page action button

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Updated 27th Dec 2022

You can encourage people to take actions they care about by including action buttons. Let’s take a closer look at how to change your Facebook action button and what buttons are available.

Updated; 3rd February 2021

If you can remember in 2017 we gave you a video tutorial on how to change a Facebook Action button. As that was almost 4 years ago, we thought it was best to update the step by step instructions as Facebook has also updated.

Updated; 29th December 2022

Added the list of possible Action buttons you can use – scroll to the bottom of the page.

How to change the Facebook Action button

So, first of all you need to go to your company/business page which will be in your personal account under pages…

When you are on this page you will see at the top of the page there is an ‘Edit’ button. In Blueocto’s case, the buttons says ‘Edit Send Message’.

Press on this button and it will bring you to a few options.

Look for the ‘Edit Button’ and press that. This will take you to multiple options which allows you to choose what you want the button to say.

Depending what type of business you are, you can choose what would be the best option for followers to reach out to you.

If you have a website, you can add the hyperlink of that in, or depending if you would rather your customers email you, pop your company email address in.

Hopefully this helps you understand how easy and effective this can be on your business!

Video: How to change Facebook button

Read the transcript

Hi everyone!

Another question that’s come up one one of the Facebook Group’s that I’m in, and I’ve seen it come up a few times, so I thought it would be worth creating another video.

On a Facebook Page for your business, how to change the call-to-action, which would be this big blue button. Now, I’m obviously logged in as myself, under my Facebook Page.

I’ve only seen this on desktop and not on mobile  (at the time of recording)  so you probably will have to go onto a desktop or laptop to do this.

On the actual button itself, there this little, tiny pencil icon, if you click on that,  (a drop-down menu appears beneath the button) , or you can hover on it, you can edit this button, and here this is where you get the option to choose what kind of button you want – whether it’s to book something, you want them to call you, send a message and so forth.

All the options are there, in my instance I’m sending people to my contact page on my website, so I’ve put a link in here because it’s a ‘Contact Us’ button. If people are on their iPhone’s or iPad’s, there is another option there as well, should you have an app that you integrate with, and also for those on Android phones as well.

It gives you a nice little preview of how it might look on the front-end for your customers and visitors, and on iPhone and Android as well. Then you just save the changes, and that should do the trick.

Ok, I hope that helps!

Types of Facebook Action buttons

Note, that some of these Facebook action buttons may not be available depending on the business category you have set.

Book nowMake it easier for people to book travel or make an appointment.
Order nowMake it easier for people to order from a restaurant.
Call nowMake it easy for people to call the business with a single tap of their phone.
Contact usTake people to a form on a website to get more leads.
Send messageMake it easer for people to message a business on Facebook.
Sign upTake people to a form on a website to get more leads and subscribers.
Get quoteTake people to a form on a Facebook business Page, so they can request more information about a business.
Watch moreEncourage people to watch a video on a Page or website.
Learn moreDirect people to where they can learn more about a business, product or service.
Shop nowGet more people to see and buy products on a website or Facebook business Page.
Get offerGet more people to see and claim offers on a Facebook business Page.
Use appTake people to an app to increase downloads or engagements.
Play gameEnable people to download or play a game.

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