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Recent Work

Doorstep Vet, Hexham. WordPress Web Design & Development

Doorstep Vet were a new startup business, who had commissioned a new brand to be created and were then looking to have a website produced….


GEMS Durham University. WordPress Web Design Development

Background Geothermal Energy from Mines and Solar Geothermal Heat (GEMS) is a Durham Energy Institute (DEI) interdisciplinary project. Exploring whether water from flooded, abandoned mines…


Electra Developments, Newcastle. WordPress Website Support

Electra Developments specialise in sourcing and developing sites for Food Retail Stores, Business Parks and Industrial Estates, Health Care Centres and Medical Buildings. They had…

Charities and CICs

Wainman Trust, Nottingham. WordPress web design & development

The Wainman Trust has been established to raise funds to build a Care Community designed specifically for older people and embracing a Christian ethos. The Wainman Trust…


Proquip Golf, Cumbria. WordPress WooCommerce web design & development

ProQuip is a Scottish golf clothing company, founded in 1981, in North Berwick, ProQuip clothing is designed to withstand the elements, providing protection and comfort…


Power Roll Solar, Sunderland. WordPress web design & development

Power Roll have enabled new printed electronic products using lightweight films and high-volume manufacturing processes, their mission is to dramatically increase the worldwide uptake of…