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Uncovering the secrets of what a WordPress Expert does

In this article, we will explore what a WordPress expert does and why you might need one for your website. WordPress is a popular content…

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Why it is important to do monthly updates to your website

There are many reasons why you should check, fix and update your website on a regular basis. A lot of people don’t think that it…


Keeping WordPress up to date

As of Version 3.7, WordPress ships with automatic maintenance and security updates. That means if you have a live WordPress site on the web, and a…

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Why backups are important to your business (and your life!)

Often when this conversation arises, the most common response is usually… “…oh I know I should but haven’t got round to it yet” Many of…


NBSL release new funding for projects

NBSL have recently announced the release of a new Fund from the 1st October 2015. Established businesses can access up to £2,800 (35% funding for…