WordPress 6.4 major release

Dive into the groove with the latest WordPress update – say hello to 6.4 “Shirley“! Inspired by jazz legend Shirley Horn, this one’s a game-changer, folks.

This update is all about unleashing your ideas into the digital realm, with new features and upgrades enhancing your site editing, design, and writing experience.

Let’s delve into the magic that awaits you:

Say Hello to Twenty Twenty-Four: Brace yourself for a revolution in site editing. Twenty Twenty-Four, the new default theme, is designed with your creative spirit in mind.

Whether you’re a writer, artist, or entrepreneur, this theme’s versatility is your ticket to an extraordinary website. Explore a treasure trove of templates and patterns, tweaking them with ease to bring your vision to life.

Add a Lightbox Effect to Images: Elevate your visual storytelling. Turn on the lightbox functionality globally or for specific images.

It’s the click-and-wow feature that transforms your images into an interactive, full-screen experience.

Categorise and Filter Patterns: Stay organised like a pro – categorise and filter your synced and unsynced patterns to streamline your creative process.

The Patterns section just got an upgrade to make finding your gems even more intuitive.

More Design Tools, More Creativity: Your creative toolkit just levelled-up! Background images in Group blocks, consistent image dimensions with placeholder aspect ratios, and adding buttons to Navigation blocks – all without breaking a sweat or diving into custom CSS. Your designs, your way.

Enjoy New Writing Improvements: Smooth out your content creation journey with nifty upgrades.

Discover new keyboard shortcuts, refined list merging, and enhanced control over link settings. The revamped toolbar for Navigation, List, and Quote blocks is your new best friend.

Rename Group Blocks: Tidy up your workspace effortlessly. Set custom names for Group blocks, visible in List View, to organise and distinguish your content areas.

Image Previews in List View: No more hunting for images! New previews for Gallery and Image blocks in List View let you spot and visualise your media at a glance.

Share Patterns Across Sites: Need your creative touch on another site? Easy peasy! Import and export custom patterns as JSON files from the Site Editor’s patterns view.

Introducing Block Hooks: Developers, get ready to dance! Block Hooks lets plugins auto-insert blocks relative to another block. It’s like having a helping hand suggesting the perfect block placement.

Take charge with the new “Plugins” panel – add, dismiss, and rearrange Block Hooks to suit your needs.

Performance Boost: We’ve cranked up the speed dial! Over 100 performance updates ensure a faster and more efficient experience. From template loading to script strategies, we’ve fine-tuned it all for you.

Accessibility at its Core: Because everyone deserves a seamless experience. List View improvements, aria-label support for the Navigation block, and UI enhancements ensure WordPress 6.4 is accessible to all.


Caroline Hagan

Caroline brings over 20 years experience as a Designer and Developer; featured in .NET magazine, the only woman in the UK accredited for Google Mobile Sites. A STEM Ambassador and Google Women Techmaker Ambassador. Previous clients include Blackberry, FIAT, Clark Shoes and Sky.

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