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who is Caroline Hagan?

Caroline Hagan Consultancy is a woman-owned consultancy, with over a decade in creating websites for small and medium-sized businesses, and charities all over the UK.

I care about you as a client and about doing right by them, their customers and their business.

I know how hard it can be to start and grow a business because I’ve done it before!

It’s important to me that I’ are’m affordable, that means that when you decide to spend your money with me, I know how big a deal it is.

It can be a leap of faith, I know you are probably anxious about it, I know you are placing trust in us, and I know how precious that is.

There are no smoke and mirrors, I don’t baffle you with jargon, I pride myself on being clear and concise.

That’s why I believe in collaboration; when you choose to work with Caroline Hagan Consultancy, we become a team, we combine our expertise to make big changes.

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Caroline Hagan

Trained in traditional Graphic Design and Advertising, studying Design, Multimedia & Graphics degree at the University of Sunderland, I always had a passion for ideas and design.

I self-taught myself code and loved building computers – a self-confessed total geek! – I started my career journey as a Web Designer in 2008.

Since then I’ve honed my skills as a Web Developer, training with Google in London and one of very few labelled a Google-accredited Mobile Sites Web Developer.

In my 15 years of working with clients, either in an agency setting or in my own business, Blueocto I ran for over 9 years, I’ve gleaned a ton of knowledge and skills – not just in Development, but Digital Marketing, SEO, Analytics and Business.

I love working with clients to generate fresh ideas, thinking out-of-the-box, educate and train, sharing my knowledge in webinars and in-person events.

I enjoy meeting new people and connecting businesses – you can connect with me on LinkedIn.

Caroline Hagan, Blueocto Ltd, Sunderland

My Accreditations

Google Analytics Certified
Certified in Advanced Analytics and GA4
Certified with the W3C and WCAG for Web Accessibility
Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate
Certified with Meta
Shopify Partners
I’m an active Shopify Partners
Yoast Ecommerce SEO certified
Ecommerce SEO certified with Yoast
Yoast Local SEO certified
Local SEO certified with Yoast
Women's Business Awards 2022 Award Finalist
2022 Award Finalist in the STEM category
Mumpreneur Awards Finalist 2015
2015 Award Finalist in the Wired category

Goal-focussed to make sure you reach your long-term ambitions.

High code standards and focus on quality come from the passion for my work. I take the time to get things right, so you can trust that you’re in safe hands.

I love to share our knowledge and expertise, breaking down the jargon by providing useful articles on the Blog.

An advocate for web accessibility and inclusion in all its forms, and especially in web design and development.

It’s important for me to give back into our local community; I’m passionate about Tech for Good, using my skills to support charities, CICs and local, homegrown, hard-working small businesses – that’s what drives me!

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