Is your website ready to be listed on Google search?

A lot of people are unsure when it comes to Google listings, therefore we have put together a list of five important things you should make sure your website does before Google looks at it.

1. How much does Google know about your website?

You can check if your website is known to Google search by performing a ‘site:www.?????.com’ search for your domain. If your website isn’t showing up at all it means that Google is not aware that it exists.

This usually occurs naturally when someone links to your website from another website, but maybe you have a brand new site that Google hasn’t discovered yet.

In that case, you can go to Google search console to verify ownership and submit your sitemap. Google will then crawl your website and discover its pages.

Also, using your social media platforms to show the world your new site, will gain more users to the site. However, the most important thing to do is to LINK the website!

A lot of people shout about having a new website and don’t link it, but if people try to search for it, nothing will come up as it is brand new.

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Also, if your business has a physical location, it’s important to make sure your website clearly lists information such as the address and store hours, as this will provide Google with more information. Plus, the more information you have on Google about your business will look more authentic to users when they see your website.

Make sure to add this information in an easy to find a page on your website and if you enhance it with structured data about your business, it will make it really easy for Google to discover and understand.

That said this can sometimes take time so one simple way to make these details available on Google is by using ‘Google My Business’.

‘Google My Business’ is a free and easy to use tool that helps you manage how your business information appears across Google including Google Search and Google Maps. You can add your business and its website by visiting slash business.

2. How to be sure you’re providing high-quality content that appears in relevant searches?

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Are you providing users with the best possible experience? Focus on what makes your website or product unique, valuable, and engaging.

Check out the Google Webmaster guidelines for website policies and best practices. Following that advice will help Google determine the relevancy of your pages.

Most people either have too much or too little on their website. Too much means that vital information such as location or contact details may not be found easily and too little comes across as underdeveloped to users.

Both can deter a sale or a potential client.

3. Is your content fast and easy to access on all devices?

Most Google searches now occur on mobile so make sure your content is optimised and loads quickly on all devices. Visit to test if your pages are mobile-friendly.

4. Modern users expect a safe online experience.

Secure your website with an HTTPS connection that keeps your browsing safe by securely connecting your browser or app to the websites you visit. This prevents bad actors from peeping into what is being sent.

A lot of users can immediately come off a website that is ‘unsecured, as they believe that being on it will cause the computer or account harm. Therefore, your website does not look as authentic as a site that is secure.

5. Are you looking for someone to work on this on your behalf?

Hiring a Search Engine Optimiser or SEO might be an option. SEO are professionals who can help improve the visibility and ranking of your website.

Blueocto offers services to optimise your website, which makes your website faster, accessible and responsive, therefore users will more likely stay on you website for longer.

Caroline Hagan

Caroline brings over 15 years as a Designer and Developer; featured in .NET magazine, the only woman in the UK accredited for Google Mobile Sites. A business mentor with Enterprise Nation, STEM Ambassador and Google Women Techmaker Ambassador Previous client projects include Blackberry, FIAT, Clark Shoes and Sky.

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