Addictions North East offers Support Housing and addiction therapy in the region.

Addictions North East charity. Custom WordPress Web Design and Development

Addictions North East provide help, support, counselling, mentoring for individuals and families with substance and process addictions, mental health issues, and other neurodiverse conditions.

They have had a long presence online, but they felt their existing website was lacking and it was very difficult to update content, add new pages, or allow for a Developer to make code changes.

We’ve given them an entirely fresh new look, focussing on the content delivery, ensuring the website is responsive, SEO-ready and good for Web Accessibility.

They’ve written extensive amounts of new content, so we look forward to seeing the Analytics on the new traffic they expect to get to the new website.

The website is powered by WordPress making it easy for the team to update content at will.

We will be continuing support with the website, making regular updates to keep the website fresh!

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