Claire Giles Cards, Newcastle. Shopify web design & development

Client: Claire Giles Cards.

Don’t let the simple design fool you! We spent around 6-month’s on this project. Claire Giles was originally on the Magento platform, but they found it was difficult to work with, and they wanted to reduce the repetition of tasks in their everyday workflow.

We re-platformed them onto Shopify and rebuilt their entire Theme, allowing for new changes to be implemented on the way, collaborating with Claire Giles and receiving regular feedback.

We built a behemoth of an App, which allows for them to track Inventory and liaise with their Printers in a cleaner, more efficient way.

We were able to sync their products between Retail and Trade, as well as Amazon and eBay.

They now spend less time battling with a system, now, it “just works” and they have increased automation.

They now have the challenge of working on their Digital Marketing, like any small business! And keeping those orders flowing. We couldn’t have asked for a better client.

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