Blueocto are now officially Campaign Monitor partners

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Blueocto have been using Campaign Monitor for over 5 years now, and it is a great resource for composing email campaigns, personalised to your customers or clients, with the ability to customise your templates and monitor the results.

Campaign Monitor is used by over 2 million people at 120,000 businesses around the world, inlcuding well known brands such as Apple, Coca-cola, Facebook, Disney, Lacoste, Topshop and many more.

How can this benefit you and your business?

There are so many benefits, where do we start? Some of the key features include:

Custom design


Using free templates can be handy, however they look like everyone else’s emails!

We like to keep your campaign’s looking smart and in-line with your branding, so your customers or clients know straight away, they are receiving email from a trusted source.

The templates can be built so you can change images, text, even layout!



We test all email template designs to ensure consistency across the board, however you can also do this yourself – send them to your email or your colleagues, whether it be Gmail, Outlook or their mobile phone.

Check it with images blocked and run it through spam filters to ensure your campaign reaches it’s destination.

Get results


Once you have created your campaign, send it out and start getting results immediately.

You can watch real-time opens of your emails, opens and clicks over time, those that have bounced or are not opened help you curate your lists and subscribers.

Who shared your content with friends? Dig deeper with reports!

Using a CRM?

Campaign Monitor integrates with many CRM software allowing you to manage your workflow much more efficiently. Supported integrations can be viewed at :


You can send up to 2,500 email campaigns a month, from as little as £6 per month, and unlimited email campaigns from £18 per month.

If you just want to ‘pay as you send’ the price comes down to a one-off send out fee and 1p per recipient.

For example, to send to 500 people (500 x 1) you are looking as little as £10 per campaign.


If you’d like to find out more and discuss your options Contact Us

Caroline Hagan

Caroline brings over 15 years as a Designer and Developer; featured in .NET magazine, the only woman in the UK accredited for Google Mobile Sites. A business mentor with Enterprise Nation, STEM Ambassador and Google Women Techmaker Ambassador Previous client projects include Blackberry, FIAT, Clark Shoes and Sky.