JEB Contractors, Sunderland. WordPress Web Design & Development

Client: JEB Contractors.

JEB Contractors have over 35 years experience delivering Engineering, Electrical Installation, Mechanical Installation and more.

They had a very old website, which wasn’t representative of their current business. In addition, they couldn’t edit the website easily and it wasn’t suitable for modern browsing on smaller devices (such as smartphones).

We created a fresh, clean web design to make it easier to understand what they do, and how to get in touch with them. This included defining a new colour palette and typography with simple graphics and icons.

We built the website on WordPress, allowing JEB to manage all aspects
of the website content including the navigations, phone numbers, body copy, images, forms and a News section.

Under the hood, we have high-quality code, built with Users and Google in mind.

Scoring the website with Google, the FCP is 1.3 seconds load time so we’re very happy with the performance.

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