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Meta Facebook Jargon Buster

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Recently, on the run-up to the Christmas break, we took some time out and the opportunity to level-up our skills and knowledge.

Part of that training involved Google Analytics (including GA4) as well as certification with Meta as Digital Marketing Associates.

Both organisations use a lot of the same terminology for their Ads platforms, so we thought it an idea to collate a list of commonly used terms, to enable you to familiarise with the jargon!

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A/B testA controlled experiment that compares multiple ad sets to see which performs the best.
adAn item of promotional content.
ad auctionA component of ad delivery through which you declare the maximum price you’re willing to pay for a click, impression, or conversion.
ad formatThe layout of an ad which determines how the ad will look and how many images or videos it will contain.
ad relevance diagnosticsA Facebook ads reporting tool that dynamically calculates the incoming positive and negative feedback from reader interaction with ads.
Ads ManagerAn interface where you can view, make changes and access performance reports for all your campaigns, ad sets and ads.
ads reportA report created and managed in Ads Manager that indicates the performance of a set of ads.
advertiser bidThe amount you bid in an ad auction.
App Install (campaign objective)A campaign objective option in Ads Manager. Select the App Install campaign objective if you want your ad to send people to your app store to download your app.
assetAny account, tool, creative or data source owned by a business and used to promote, advertise or measure their business performance on Facebook.
asset customisationA feature in Ads Manager where you can provide multiple assets, and the asset that is delivered is decided during delivery time.
auction (buying type)An ad buying type wherein you decide that you would like to participate in an ad auction.
Audience Network (AN)A network of mobile app publishers who have been approved by Facebook to show Facebook ads in their apps.
augmented reality ads (AR ads)
Interactive ads that use AR (augmented reality) camera effects to let people interact with products in the Facebook mobile News Feed.
automatic placementsAn option you select when uploading your ad content to Ads Manager that allows Facebook to automatically deliver your ad on the most effective platform.


bidThe price for the outcome you are optimising for.
Brand Awareness (campaign objective)A campaign objective option in Ads Manager. Select the Brand Awareness campaign objective if you want people to recall and recognise the brand after seeing your ad.
brand liftA metric that gives you insight into people’s awareness of your brand and their attitude towards it. Also known as brand affinity.
brand safety toolsA set of controls advertisers can use to prevent their ads from running alongside certain types of content within Audience Network, Facebook Instant Articles and Facebook in-stream video.
broad targetingWhen you mostly rely on the Facebook delivery system to find the best people to show your ads to.
budget (ads manager)A setting that you use to tell Facebook the maximum amount you’re willing to spend on each ad set in
a campaign.
Business Manager)A tool that allows multiple people to access and manage Pages, ad accounts and apps using their personal Facebook login credentials, while keeping their personal profile and business assets separate.
buying type
Options you select in Ads Manager that determine the method by which you pay for, target and measure ads in your campaign.


call-to-action (CTA)An advertising method that encourages a direct response from people by prompting a specific action.
campaignAn ad or series of ads built around a single theme or set of attributes and delivered by an ad platform to a specific audience.
campaign objectiveThe first level in Facebook’s ad system, comprised of ad sets and ads, where you set the objectives for your campaign.
carousel (ad format)Promotional content that displays multiple images or videos that scroll from left to right.
catalogA business asset used for storing and managing inventory businesses want to advertise or otherwise promote on Facebook platforms.
Catalog Sales (campaign objective)A campaign objective option in Ads Manager. Select the Catalog Sales campaign objective if you want to reach your target audience with relevant products from your online catalog in an automated way.
clicksA metric for the number of times an objective has been clicked on.
click-through rate (CTR)The number of times a link on a web page is clicked on compared to the number of times it is displayed.
collection (ad format)An assembly or grouping of promotional items that may be systematically ordered.
control groupThe “unexposed” group of people in a study for which no factors of the test are influenced. It’s used as a benchmark to measure the effect of the test.
Conversion LiftA metric that gives you insight into people’s attitudes towards your brand and Brand Awareness.
conversion pathIn Facebook’s Attribution interface, the sequence of touchpoints that lead to a single conversion.
conversion windowAllows you to choose what type of conversion information we use when determining who we should show your ad to.
Conversions (campaign objective)A campaign objective option in Ads Manager. Select the Conversions campaign objective if you want to prompt valuable actions on your website, in your app, in Messenger or in WhatsApp.
Core AudienceA default targeting option that allows you to direct your ads to people based on demographics, location, interests and behaviors.
cost per action (CPA)Also known as “cost per acquisition,” CPA is the cost to you each time an action is taken because of an ad.
cost per click (CPC)The cost for each time an ad is clicked on.
cost per impression (CPI)The cost for each person who views your ad.
cost per thousand impressions (CPM)Also known as “cost per mille,” the average cost you’ve paid for 1,000 impressions of your ad, or the average revenue you’ve received for 1,000 impressions of an ad on your apps or websites.
Create to ConvertA production tool that lets advertisers transform still images into lightweight video to create more compelling, effective ads.
creative fatigueWhen your ad performance suffers due to overexposure.
Creative HubA set of features that allow advertisers to create and share mockups of ads on Facebook and Instagram, and to be inspired by what’s creatively possible.
Custom Audience (CA)A group of people created through a Facebook advertising feature that lets you find your existing audiences among people who are on Facebook.
customer relationship management (CRM)A type of tool that enables businesses to manage contact information and interactions through the customer lifecycle.


data sourceA tool, connection, piece of code or other object that collects information, such as Facebook pixel, Facebook SDK and offline conversions. The information can be used for measurement and analysis later.
deep linkingA feature that enables you to launch users from a source app into a different target app.
deferred deep linkingA feature, when using the App Install objective, that directs your ad to send people to the app store to install your app. Once installed, they will be sent to the specific destination.
direct response (DR)Advertising that is intended to generate an immediate action (usually associated with ecommerce activities) like sign-up, purchase a product or mobile app install.
dynamic ad (DA)An ad type that can show a number of different products to an audience and choose the most relevant product to show to each individual in the audience.
dynamic ads for broad audiencesDynamic ads used to help you to expand your target audience rather than target those who’ve already visited, browsed or purchased items on your website.
dynamic creativeA process whereby you give Facebook all of your creative assets for ads and we match them to the right audience automatically.
dynamic language optimisationDynamic language optimization allows you to create multiple ad sets for each language and apply separate language targeting if you’re advertising in multiple markets or one market with various languages.


edit placementsAlso known as “manual placements,” edit placement is an option in Ads Manager that lets you choose the specific platform, across all of Facebook platforms, where you want your ads to appear.
Engagement (campaign objective)A campaign objective option in Ads Manager. Select the Engagement campaign objective if you want to send people to like your page, engage with your post or respond to your event.
engagement Custom Audience (ECA)Also known as a “Facebook custom audience,” an engagement Custom Audience is a group of people likely to engage with your ad based on the people who have previously engaged with your content across Facebook platforms.
estimated action ratesA calculated value determined by how likely it is that your ad will lead to your desired outcome after it’s shown to a person.
eventA logged action that people take on your website, app or offline usually used for capturing and measuring ad performance.


Facebook Ads GuideA guide that outlines the requirements for ads in each format and placement. Please refer to it for specs like dimension, file size and character limit.
Facebook advertising policiesThe set of guidelines that you have to follow for your ad to be approved for publication on Facebook.
Facebook marketing partner (FMP)A third-party company who uses the Facebook Ads API to develop their own customized tools.
Facebook mobile studioAn informational resource to help you create mobile ads from your phone.
Facebook pixelA piece of code installed on your website that captures website events.
Facebook platformsThe apps and websites—including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp and Audience Network—that people use to connect with friends and family, explore interests and share what matters to them. Businesses can use these platforms to connect with the people most likely to be interested in their products or services through organic engagement or paid ads.
Facebook SDKA piece of code installed on your app that captures app events.
feedA stream of posts or updates in a social media service.

G – J

Gross Rating Point (GRP)A unit of measurement of audience size for TV advertisements, according to Nielsen. It is used to measure the exposure to one or more programs or commercials, without regard to multiple exposures of the same advertising to individuals.
inboxA Facebook feature used for managing messages, comments, broadcasts, automated responses and other direct communication features.
Instant ArticlesA Facebook feature that provides rich format, interactive articles that you can create and publish on Facebook.
Instant Experience (ad format)An interstitial landing page that loads instantly when someone taps on an ad on Facebook or Instagram. They are only supported on mobile placements and devices.
in–stream videosA Facebook feature that allows you to place ads before, during or after video content.
international Lookalike AudiencesAlso known as “multi-country Lookalike Audiences,” an international Lookalike Audience is a Lookalike Audience that spans beyond the borders of a single country.

K – L

key performance indicator (KPI)A measurement to evaluate the success of a campaign or ad.
lead adAn ad with a contact form that allows people to submit personal information to an advertiser. For example, to receive promotions or a newsletter.
Lead Generation (campaign objective)A campaign objective option in Ads Manager. Select the Lead Generation campaign objective if you want to collect leads for your business.
learning phaseIn Ads Manager, a period of time where the delivery system is collecting information to optimize ad delivery. This term refers to the machine learning of our system, not your learning.
lifetime value (LTV)The measure of the total value (such as total purchases) attributed to a group of customers using a third-party developer app.
Lookalike Audience (LAL)A group of people who are similar to an existing audience, allowing you to direct your ad to people who “look like” your established customers.


machine learningA discipline that uses science, information and computer code to automatically predict certain outcomes based on discovered patterns not explicitly programmed.
MarketplaceA dedicated surface on Facebook for people to buy and sell with other people.
media mixThe methods and channels you use to meet your advertising goals.
Messages (campaign objective)A campaign objective option in Ads Manager. Select the Messages campaign objective if you want to start and/ or renew conversations with your customers in Messenger.
messagingA communication method through written text used on WhatsApp and Messenger.
MessengerFacebook’s messaging app.
multi-cellA study with multiple test groups, where group A is shown one ad, group B is shown a different ad and group C is shown no ad.

O – R

offer adAn ad that allows you to share discounts with your customers.
offline conversionsAllows you to measure how much your Facebook ads lead to offline outcomes, such as purchases in your stores, phone orders, bookings and more.
placementA location where you can show an ad on a website or app, such as News Feed, Instagram Stories or Messenger Inbox.
playable adA video ad that lets people preview or play an interactive demo of a mobile app, product or brand.
point of sale (POS)The moment when a retail transaction is completed.
poll adA video ad that includes question and response options.
Reach (campaign objective)A campaign objective option in Ads Manager. Select the Reach campaign objective if you want to maximize the number of people who will be shown your ad and how often it will be shown them.
reach and frequency (buying type)An ad buying type that allows you to reach an established number of people within a target audience at a specified frequency at a fixed price.
retargetingAn advertising approach aimed at re-engaging people with whom you’ve previously seen, previously engaged with or whom have taken action on your website, app or offline business.
return on investment (ROI)A performance measure, expressed as a ratio, that compares the net profit of an advertising investment with its cost. ROI is used to evaluate the efficiency of an advertising investment. A high ROI means the investment’s gains compare favorably to its cost.


single-cellA study with one test group, where group A is shown the ad but group B isn’t shown the ad.
slideshow (ad format)A type of video that’s created using still images or videos, and may contain a music soundtrack.
sponsored messageA Messenger ad type in the ads interface. The sponsored message ad unit allows you to send a message to people in Messenger who have an existing Messenger conversation with your business.
Store Traffic (campaign objective)A campaign objective option in Ads Manager. Select the Store Traffic campaign objective if you want to send foot traffic to your physical stores.
StoriesA Facebook feature that allows people to post casual photos and videos that are stitched together into one unit of content that is available for 24 hours.
Stories ad templatesTemplates that automatically transform images into ads for Stories on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. This means advertisers can reach people on Stories without investing much time and effort into designing new ads.
success metricsThe measurements you use to determine the success of your campaign.
suggested videosA feature that makes video suggestions to people while on Facebook.

T – V

targetingThe process of defining an audience for your ads.
Test and LearnA tool in Ads Manager that helps you run tests on your ads and learn about their results.
test groupThe “exposed” group of people in a study for which factors of the test are influenced.
third-party trackingWhen a company that is not Facebook develops its own customized tracking tools to be used along with the Facebook pixel.
Traffic (campaign objective)A campaign objective option in Ads Manager. Select the Traffic campaign objective if you want to send people from Facebook to a URL.
value-based Lookalike Audience (VBLAL)The group of people most similar to your highest-value customers.
Video Creation Kit (VCK)A tool that allows you to create mobile-first video ads that use your existing photo assets, text overlays and logos.
Video Views (campaign objective)A campaign objective option in Ads Manager. Select the Video Views campaign objective if you want to have people watch your video.
video viewsThe metric used to report the act of watching a video, usually for a specific duration of time.

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